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Sustain Biotechnology brings the best team to solve some of the most difficult issues facing medicine today.

Who We Are

about-team-524814370-lrSustain Biotechnology is a company that provides critical products used in advanced stem cell therapies and treatment of injuries and disease.  Our products include a number of animal derived medical grade materials used in human health care, and services designed to prevent zoonotic disease transmission through such medical grade materials.  We are developing several unique products that provide significant improvements in patient results, ranging from acute injuries such as burns and battlefield wounds, to chronic wound care for diabetic patients.  Our mission is to identify, develop and deliver promising treatments and therapies for human health care through unique combinations of materials and designs.

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Why Choose Sustain Biotech


Sustain Biotech is dedicated to delivering real results and confidence in the purity of our products. Our materials come from animal sources with certified animal health practices and procedures, and are assured to be disease-free, particularly from zoonotic diseases, or diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.


Sustain Biotech uses a proprietary system, developed by Prather Ranch, of Closed Herd Management to prevent disease vectors from infecting our sources of animal derived materials used in our products.


Sustain Biotech is committed to a strong, multi-disciplinary approach to our company’s efforts and products. We have brought together a unique blend of medical, industrial, financial, scientific and materials science expertise that is unmatched in the health care industry today.


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Sustain Biotech provides Smart Biomaterials for human health care of the highest purity available. We bring a unique combination of clinical, manufacturing, sourcing and materials science skills to the development of advanced products that improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Benefits Of Working With Sustain Biotech


The FDA has circulated for comment regulations that will mandate significant change in how animal by-products used in medical devices and human health care are managed. Sustain Biotech is a pioneer in establishing capabilities that meet or exceed these requirements, providing necessary product purity and safety assurances to our customers.

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Products provided by Sustain Biotech are manufactured to the highest purity standards in the industry today. Our procedures, training, processes and facilities meet or exceed not just existing FDA standards, but also pending regulations as well.

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Sustain Biotech provides a range of products from basic animal by-products used in the further manufacture of medical grade products, to advanced designs of structures used in stem cell therapies. Our approach is to be a leader in what we do, delivering more to our customers and stakeholders than simply what is required.

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