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Announcing Stuart Therapeutics

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Sustain Biotechnology, LLC announces the formation of a new company to pursue an exciting new therapeutic platform: PolyCol (TM) – September 12th, 2017, Stuart, Florida

Sustain Biotechnology, LLC is pleased to announce the development of a new synthetic collagen mimetic peptide therapeutic platform, called PolyCol (TM) (PolyCol). PolyCol is based on groundbreaking work done at a major US university in the production of stable synthetic peptides that mimic human collagen. Sustain Biotechnology has established the exclusive rights to this technology, and augmented it by filing patents for a range of therapeutic applications for the technology in areas of medicine such as ophthalmology, oncology, and digestive diseases, amongst many others. PolyCol will be further developed in several specific ophthalmologic and oncology conditions in a newly created company, Stuart Therapeutics, LLC ( PolyCol:

  • Mimics human collagen, and anchors to damaged natural collagen, which is found in many disease conditions
  • Has been demonstrated to be non-antigenic and to have therapeutic capabilities in in vivo testing
  • Can combine with a wide variety of existing therapeutics, enhancing their capabilities by reducing dosage, frequency of administration, and offering different bioavailability modes

David Calkins, PhD, of Vanderbilt University, and Scientific Advisor to Stuart Therapeutics said, “the PolyCol platform offers a unique way to solve a variety of challenging disease problems. Stuart Therapeutics’ work on collagen mimetic peptides and creation of the PolyCol platform shows important potential in a wide variety of therapeutic applications, and the team has begun development in the first several high priority areas of research. The possibilities are intriguing, and the company has created a great foundation for success.”

“We are very excited about the promise of PolyCol,” said Eric Schlumpf, CEO and President of Sustain Biotechnology. “We will be pursuing supporting research for applicable ophthalmic and oncology indications, and seeking development partners to further extend the reach of the technology. We see PolyCol as an important opportunity to enhance existing therapies, and create new ones that improve patient outcomes.”

Stuart Therapeutics will be headquartered in Stuart, Florida.

About Sustain Biotechnology:

Sustain Biotechnology is an early stage biomaterials company focused on natural and man-made materials that are used in a wide variety of clinical applications and therapies. The company has developed significant capabilities in both natural and synthetic collagen-based materials. For further information, please refer to

About Stuart Therapeutics:

Stuart Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of PolyCol, a synthetic collagen mimetic peptide therapeutic platform. The company is developing ophthalmologic and oncology applications for this technology.


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