Prather Ranch

Working together to advance the concept of sustainable,
high purity bovine based medical products.

Prather Ranch

prather-logo-build-150dpiSustain Biotech understands the importance of maintaining the highest quality raw materials for its collagen and other animal derived materials. We conducted a worldwide search for the best sources of supply, knowing that the only way to produce the highest quality products is to start with the highest quality materials. The results of that search are reflected in our new relationship with Prather Ranch. Sustain Biotech is the exclusive sales agent for Prather Ranch, and the agreement between the two companies establishes a strong source of supply for Sustain’s own products for years to come. Prather Ranch has a 30 year history of operation, and they are unique in the United States, having the only fully documented closed herd in combination with a purpose-built slaughterhouse operation that only processes Prather animals. More importantly, Sustain Biotech and Prather Ranch share a philosophy regarding the people that work in our organizations. We bring in the best people, surround them with the best processes, and hold the organization to the highest standards.


Sustain Biotechnology and Prather Ranch share a common view of business: a sustainable enterprise that does not cut corners. Sustain will provide the highest quality biomaterials for the health care industry by delivering products that meet the strictest standards, and by providing renowned industry leadership. Sustain and Prather Ranch bring together the finest animal husbandry, ranching and humane animal processing practices with the most advanced manufacturing, design and development of biomaterials. The market leading approach of both organizations creates an outstanding partnership.


PR-IMG_3778-LRSustain was drawn to the Prather operation due to their superior level of care, attention to detail and pioneering work in sustainable, humane ranching. Prather Ranch incorporates holistic management and solid science practices which is imperative to both organizations and critical to true “Closed Herd” operation. Prather’s attention to quality is found throughout their operation.

Prather Ranch:
• Maintaining the “Closed Herd” designation with the FDA
• Using animal identification by tagging calves 24hrs after birth
• Thoroughly documenting each animal’s history through their entire lifespan
• Nurturing the animals with feed grown on the Prather Ranch
• Meeting USDA’s requirement for organic certification
• Complying with regularly occurring audits
• Testing for E. coli three times more frequently than required

Bovine Biomaterials

Prather Ranch is the only true closed herd operation in the United States in
combination with a purpose-built biomaterials harvesting slaughter operation.








The Prather Ranch – Sustain Biotech partnership blends the highest quality closed herd operation in the world with the most forward thinking and aggressive biomaterials company in the market. This combination presents a uniquely powerful set of capabilities that are well matched to the emerging health care technology challenges that we face today and in the near future.