The Science

Advanced approaches to product purity, quality control, and unique applications.

The Science

The_Science_shutterstock_280772648-2Sustain Biotechnology’s products and research focus on unique products and applications associated with animal-derived products used in human health care. Products derived from a variety of animal species are used every day in surgeries, wound dressings, coatings for medical devices, and dozens of other applications. Our company is a leader in the design and development of innovations in Smart BiomaterialsTM. These Smart BiomaterialsTM are only now becoming an option due to advances in biochemistry, stem cell research, and material science.

Medical grade animal by-products form the basis for many of these products, and are a particular specialty of Sustain Biotech. One of the most commonly used by-products of cattle is collagen, which is used in bandages, surgical meshes, and other applications.

These animal by-products must come from sources that are free of diseases that can cross species from the source animal to humans. These diseases, known as zoonotic diseases, include Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or BSE). This disease manifests itself in humans as Cruetzfeldt Jakob Disease. Sustain Biotechnology is a leader in the creation of Smart BiomaterialsTM, which are sourced from herds that have been demonstrated as disease free.