Smart Biomaterials

Read About the Elements of Sustain’s Biomaterials

What Are Smart BiomaterialsTM?

collegen-code-lrThe medical world uses biomaterials to provide support, structure, and develop the environment in the body for healing or the support of a medical device.  Biomaterials can be used in a wide variety of ways, and include natural, synthetic, and animal derived materials.

At Sustain Biotech, we are developing Smart BiomaterialsTM. They are smart in two major ways.  First they are Smart due to our focus on product purity and safety.  Sustain Biotech’s Smart BiomaterialsTM are made from animal sources that are raised and managed to the highest standards worldwide.  Our cattle herds which are the source of our collagen are from countries with zero history of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or from true closed herds, fully documented, and harvested in dedicated facilities.

Secondly, our biomaterials are Smart because our development process focuses on enhancing the natural healing benefits of biomaterials with Smart additives and compounds, that enhance those natural benefits, and improve patient results.

We see tremendous health benefits and opportunities in Smart BiomaterialsTM creating a healing environment in a chronic wound, delivering beneficial agents to specific parts of the body, and providing timed release of important drugs and therapies.  Our company is dedicated to the creation of a brighter health care future, and that future is Smart.

Sustain Biotech is in the development stage on several unique biomaterials combinations that provide significant treatment benefits over existing state of the art.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding Sustain Biotech’s Smart BiomaterialsTM.